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søndag 31. mai 2009

Dogs playing

Maks the dog
Maks and Dvina
Maks and Dvina
Maks and Volga
Look at the size of the dog-yard
Maks and Volga
Volga has made a invisible line, and she does not like Maks intruding on her property
All three dogs together
We are so tired from all the running!!
A really tired Maks
All three borzoi running together
Maks and Dvina
Maks and Dvina
Maks and Dvina
Dvina is "smiling" to Suzana, and Suzana is not sure if she likes it
Maks and Dvina playing
Wonderful scenery
This is where we slept. Maks is really tired...

Visiting friends

One and a half hours farther north I have some friends. They keep saying they are breeding classical siamese cats (without osh in the lines), but at the time they only have one fertile siamese girl + two neuters (boy + girl). I adition they have a spayed MCO-girl, a neutered BRI-boy and two sibirians. The sibirians they have been given as gifts from some Russian friends.
On top of this they have two borzoi-girls and a 33 year old horse!

They are real animal lovers, and it's always a pleasure to visit them. Last night and today I got to see their new girl for the first time. She is a black spottet girl with a VERY nice type. She is big and strong, 5 kilos! Her colourtone is very warm brown, she has a lot of golden in her pedigrèe and also a golden sister. I fell completely in love!!

She has quite a lot of Onyx Gloria in her pedigrèe, but apart from Tiger Onix Gloria the other OG-cats were new to me. Also her mothers mothers line was new to me (but I'm not a pedigrèe-expert). I have forgotten her pedigrèe name, but she will be shown this summer, then she will be tested for HCM and then have a litter toghether with Oliver Nostalgie Beauty*RU. I'm really looking forward to this litter and has already asked for a kitten... Oliver has given large litters, and together with females with strong type he has given beautiful babies. Oliver has used a long time to develope, and will never loose his "beak", but he has a really special pedigèe, and I think it's important to use it in our breeding.

This is my friend Sonja with Oliver
Another one of Oliver
Me with Oliver
Sonja loves Russia. Here with Russian curtains, Russian dolls and a sibirian laying in the window :0)
Wonderful scenerey driving to Sonjas house
Russian dolls
Russian dolls
And this is Charlene, or nickname Charlinka

I must say I fell in love with Charlene. Her type, size and mellow temper. I just wish I could have a kitten from her and Taiga toghether, I think it would be the perfect match!!
Here is their pet cat - Frosty. I don't remember his pedigrèe name either, but he is from (N)Undomiel cattery, another friend of mine. I love white oddeyed cats <3

The dogs will be posted in a seperate post...

fredag 29. mai 2009

Isak and Bagheera

Bagheera has been out with Taiga and Summer almost all day, and when she came in again Isak wanted to play...

It looks more fierce than it is, but Bagheera has some real sibirian genes too it seems...
I'll smack your but if you don't behave!!!!
Look mum, I can fly!!!!!!!!!!

torsdag 28. mai 2009

(N)Gaupekatten's Frøken Norge, SIB ns

I have decided Taiga will not be shown any more until autumn. He is too beautiful to be shown in summercoat in class 5. It's just not fair to him. My girls are just in class 9, so they will be shown this summer instead. Here are a few shots of Bagheera, she is now almost exactly 1 year + 5 months

My camera does "something" to her ears, and they end up on top of her head. Here they are almost placed normally

Bagheera has a nice coat at the moment, and she is extremely compact
Her eyes are a little big, and they are at the moment slowly turning green. Her ears has ended up very high on her head in this pic...