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tirsdag 4. august 2009

Another top

We have had very warm weather the last few days so it has not been a perfect weather to gi hiking, but today I decided to go for another walk. It's not so hot in the mountain as it is at home anyway. The tops are put into different categories. My first two tops were classified as easy/moderate. This was classified as a little harder. I agree... It was a very steep climb at the end!!

First a photo of my beautiful boy going up. I'm so glad I have him as a friend on this walks. He really makes the walks worth it!
Me and Maks taking a break going up, me sweating a lot...
Finally at the top!!
Maks enjoyes the view
Maks is enjoying a drink at the top
Another photo of Maks at the top
A little bluebell
Almost like being on the moon?
Of course some photos of the view from the top
Another direction
Going down. It was quite steep at moments.