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fredag 31. juli 2009


Today I decided I would go for a walk on the mountain just behind our house. It is not part of the "10 på topp", I just decided I wanted to try and reach the top anyway. It is quite a steep walk, so I never tought I would get to the top, but I actually did. Me and Maks spent four hours walking in the mountain, and we had a splendid time!!

First, a photo from my garden
Another from my garden, bluebells are one of my favourites

We met some sheep on the mountain. Lucky animals are allowed to spend all summer in this lovely place
Maks was a little tempted to chase the sheep, but thankfully he was on a leash
Me taking a break going up. I am enjoying the view
There has apparently been quite windy near the top. Here is the root of a fallen tree
Maks needs a break too
Here half the forest has fallen most likely caused by strong winds
Finally at the top, and it was quite windy!!
Maks at the top!!
View from the top
More scenery
We had just started our walk down when we met a nice man who was kind enough to take a couple of photos of me and Maks together
The other direction
This is the last bit up to the top, and it was very steep. Actually the photo does not show how steep it was. It was ok going up, but I was quite careful walking down again...

torsdag 30. juli 2009

IC FIN*Amante's King of Taiga

Taiga has been left into our livingroom for the last couple of days, and he has not sprayed (weeee :0))
Altough everything is going well at the moment, he will only be left into our livingroom when I'm around, and under my supervision. He will attend a catshow in one month from now. The poor boy will attend the show in his bikini, and I opnly hope he'll get his certificates... Here are some pics from today.

onsdag 29. juli 2009

Former (N)Solstorm's Cats - SBI

From my second litter, (N)Solstorm's Cox
Cox (living with my friends)
From my first litter (N)Solstorm's Koh-I-Noor
Noora (living with my parents)
My first birman, (N)Shan Thai's Elaine
Elaine (living with my parents)

Summer pics of Summergirls

CH (N)CarilloCat Lucky Day

IC S*Kazol's Bissan JW

CH (N)Gaupekatten's Frøken Norge

mandag 27. juli 2009

Isak Taiganov - 4 months

Today we were invited to Isak Taiganov for a barbeque, and of course I brought my camera. Here are some shots from today.

This look is definately from dad
He is getting a lot lighter, but his tail is still black
I love his body. It is alot more compact than Taiga
He is a bit pinched, and of course has high set ears, but for being 4 months I think he looks wonderful
Hairy ears, and they are not too big
He has a big catyard to play in too. He also has lovely fur for a sibirian. Standing out from his body, and he has a nice hard overcoat.

søndag 26. juli 2009

Finally she's home

Maks' friend Sabine is finally home after spending weeks and weeks away from home. Maks was so happy to see her again, and so was Bine. The problem is they don't speak the same language, and Maks don't understand why she will not run with him...

Bine wants to rest, Maks wants to run
Black and White, small and big :0)
A little kiss <3

lørdag 25. juli 2009

Another top-tour

Today I managed to "drag" Suzana to come with me, and she actually liked it. We went to a small mountain called Kjelhusåsen. It was very woddy, and I somehow missed the mountain feeling, but still it was a nice walk.

Here I am on the way up. We had too much clothes on... It was 23 degrèes (Celcius) and sunny
Here's Suzana and Maks having a little stop
This is a crater from a German bomb dropped during WW2. The planes needed to drop some weight to save fuel, and dropped several bombs in this aera
My beautiful Maks
Maks needed some wather in the summer heat, and this travel water bowl is very handy
View from the top. Møkkelandsvannet and Kasfjord
Another Maks fhoto
Me and Maks bragging