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torsdag 30. april 2009

Taigas new summerhouse

Today I finally got around to building the outside catrun I have planned for Taiga for the last year... I have never done this before, but after 5 hours (!) work I finally got a nice summerhouse ready for Taiga. Of course he sometimes will have the girls as company, but the catrun is ment mostly for him. The reason I finally got it done, is Taiga has started spraying, and if I want to keep him fertile for a few more months I simply HAD TO.

Work in progress

Here I am netting in the wodden frame
Therese is also building... something :0)
I have to make sure the net is "sibirian proof"
Here is Taiga and Summer, I am working on the netting in the background
I love you, Taiga sais
I think I can enjoy this summerhouse
Taiga getting a hug from Summer
Yes, I like this house too. Summer sais
Overwiew - different angle
I am sooo proud of myself
Did I really build this all by myself?
Final closeup of Taiga

tirsdag 28. april 2009


Isak is seeking alot more human contact now, here he is playing on my knee <3

Bonus photo - Summer

mandag 27. april 2009

My own dogcage

Look, I can climb allt the way to the top

Mum is as worried as mothers usually are
I even can catch them trough the fence
Summer also wants to be in on the game, and there's plenty of room for both of us
WOW, I fell asleep, and look what I woke up too...


I always get the best shots of Taiga from across the room. Then he can relaxe and look wonderfully masculine.

søndag 26. april 2009

Being a little sibirian hooligan

Me a hooligan? Noooo...

Of course Sissel has evidence. Here I am playfightig with mum And with Summer too She's getting a real beatin' I even got Bissan worked up for a good fight.Sissel has decided she will repeat the combination of mum + dad meaning I will have some full siblings next winter. Here's a new photo of my mum.

lørdag 25. april 2009

Isak - six weeks

Isak is six weeks old and alot more adventurous. He runs around everywhere, even down the stairs but he cannot klimb up yet... He sits at the bottom and cries his heart out, so we have to go down and carry him up. He is playing with mum, dad and Summer, and even sometimes with Maks the dog.

Daddy is big and strong, but I have the upper hand :0)
I'm sooo cute, sais SisselBig eyes, but that's only because of the camera-blitz. I haven't inhereted daddys camera shyness
what's up?!
I guess this is a little of what's to come. Look at that wonderful expression <3
This plant needs to be killed
Here I am with Therese
She's soooo proud of me
And here I am with daddy, getting some beatin'

onsdag 22. april 2009

Breed comparison

First out is Taiga, to show what a proper SIB looks like
More SIB. He was heavy to hold...
We all explained our breeds' standard, and got questions from the audience
And I also brought Summer to show the "forest-cats" can come in different colours.
Here's a 3 year old NFO male neuter
May-Gunn is explaining about the straight NFO-profile
And the boning
Here's a MCO male youngster and one adult NFO male neuter
The NFO does not like the MCO...
Very handsome young MCO male
Here's MCO and SIB
May-Gunn is explaining about the NFO standard
I am explaining about the SIB-standard
And Britt about the MCO-standard
My favourite is still sibirians!! <3