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søndag 20. juni 2010

Tokio Hotel-litter 13 weeks

It is soon time to say goodbye to two of the girls, so I took them outside to take some outdoor pics of them. Here is (N)Solstorm's Darkside of the Sun and (N)Solstorm's Monsoon av Vestavind

(N)Solstorm's Monsoon av Vestavind
(N)Solstorm's Darkside of the Sun
My own (N)Solstorm's Instant Karma of Summer
Another of Karma, I love her colours

fredag 18. juni 2010

Taigas kittens at (N)Neofelis Cattery

Both Taiga and Armilla can be proud of this gang, and so am I and breeder Pia

mandag 7. juni 2010

Tokio Hotel-girls, 12 weeks

A weeks nightmare

We have had one of our worst weeks ever! IC (N)Gaupekatten's Frøken Norge gave birth to six tiny kittens on monday, one week early. The kittens were too weak to live, and died one by one.
Now we have only (N)Solstorm's Ghost left from our nightmare-litter. She will be staying in the cattery.