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søndag 28. februar 2010


Wonder what colour the kittens are? Well, let me tell you, Maks the dog is not the father ;0)
A pic of her belly, I am guessing 3-4 kittens

Another angle. She is due march 16th...
Bonuspic of Maks and Teddy. He LOVES our cats

A visit at (N)Vestavind

When I and my boys were in Bergen we made a visit to Siv at (N)Vestavind cattery. It is always nice to visit "cat people", and Siv is such a nice person!! Thanx again Siv.
Siv had some nice results this weekend, she only showd sunday, and she got BIS kitten 3-6 months on her beautiful (N)Vestavind I Was Made for Loving You.

I just had to take a pic of the wiew from Sivs house

(N)Vestavind Rock and Roll All Night, a sweetheart

torsdag 25. februar 2010

Some more pics from BERAK

Teddy with judge Raymond Sætre
Me and Taiga
This kitten was just too cute <3
Proud owner with DRX litter. BIS on saturday and BIS kitten both days
BIS kitten cat II. (N)Vestavind's I was made for loving you, SIB
Kiara, BRI w. BIS neuterede female both days!!
Kiara giving the stuard a kiss.
Balinese BIS, I just had to take a pic

onsdag 24. februar 2010

Taiga BIS at BERAK in Bergen, Norway

Here we are drinking to our results on Saturday. From the left is Kari from CarilloCat, me (N)Solstorm's and Pia from Neofelis. The cats on the photo are the CarilloCat girls

Rossity Rossi*RU was NOM on saturday, and BIV-T on sunday
This cat was BIS male on Saturday. His name is Rossity Maxim*RU

Rossity Maxim*RU

Taiga is BIS male on Sunday and I was extatic!!
Taiga in the panel. Judge Kristiina Rautio is looking at him
Taiga in panel. Judge Kristiina Rautio is looking at him
Taiga in panel. Judge Stephe Bruin is looking at him
Taiga in panel. Judge Steven Jones is looking at him
Here he is on the judges table, and Raymond really liked his temper <3>
This is DK*Melgaards William White, NOM both days neuter male
William and his owner Pia
William and judge Steven Jones

onsdag 17. februar 2010

Bagheera and Charlie

Now the two "lovebirds" have mated, and we're hoping for kittens from them around April 20th. "Bagheera" of course is IC (N)Gaupekatten's Frøken Norge, and "Charlie" is S*Bjaro's Karl den Store. I went to Kiruna today to bring Bagheera home, and also managed to makee a short stop at S*Laxforsen's to have a chat and a cup of tea before I went home again. At Laxforsen's they don't only have siberian cats, they also have sledgedogs. Here are some mobile-uploads.

This is S*Laxforsen's housecat. His name is Lillebror
This is Charlies young owner having a chat with one of the dogs And my favourite of the dogs inside the house. Who would have guessed there is greyhound in this mix?

Sorry about the photo quality. My camera will be back again soon (hopefully)

tirsdag 16. februar 2010

Bathing cats

Both Taiga and Teddy has had their baths now, to prepare them for the show this weekend. They are both very calm in the shower, but still just want to share a few hysterical photos of some "friends"....

lørdag 13. februar 2010

(N)Solstorm's Blå Rock Salvian Taiganov, aka Frodo

Mother is IC S*Kazol's Bissan JW and father is IC FIN*Amante's King of Taiga. On his last weigh-in he was 5 kilos, but he still thinks he's a small boy and can hide anywhere without his owners noticing him. He was also busy hanging in the top of the Christmas tree all Christmas...

Lots of Purrsonality :0)
He is still cute as ever
Nobody sees him he thinks........
Yes he takes after dad when it comes to sleeping. Bissan does this too sometimes, but is not known for it as Taiga is
He is a copy of lovely Bissan, exept his ears are a little larger than hers

fredag 12. februar 2010


Today I stopped by Biltema, to get a present for a friend. I also found some really cheap stuff to my cats. This food dish is of nice size for more than one cat, and I think I will go back another day and buy some more of them.

I also bought this for Maks, nice to know that he is visible outside in the dark. And this too was really cheap!
I also bought some cat toys, and Teddy has not been still since I got home. Especially one of them was to his taste, so I will probably have to go back and buy some more of them too
This is not from Biltema, but from my local petshop. Catbeds where sold for 30% off, so I just had to have this cute rat.

Great news

Last update from Kiruna sais Charlie has managed to make the brave decition to mate Bagheera. Not bad for a young and insecure man!! Hopefully this mating/these matings will lead to little kittens in a couple of months. Look here for pedigrèe

torsdag 11. februar 2010

onsdag 10. februar 2010

S*Bjaro's Karl den Store

Bagheera is meeting this YOUNG man. He was one year in november. His colour is SIB ds 02 21, but I would say he's 22

Ljuba is his girlfriend, and they are living togheter. She is nice!!