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tirsdag 31. mars 2009

A few pics

Today I've made som pics of green eyes, and then some of silver baby Isak. I'm in love

Bissan profile
Taiga, he was sleeping and not interested in me at all...
Lovely little Isak Taiganov
And here is a little photo of (N)Solstorm's Zeya Nostalgie. She is living a bit further south in Norway so I haven't seen her since she was a baby. We are planning for her to have a (N)Solstorm's-litter in the autumn toghether with handsome Taiga . She has improved a lot in type since the last photo I saw of her, and hopefully she can have some beautiful babies with Taiga. Her mother is IC S*Ja Znaju Aztii Afanasievna (mother Edelweiss Fiona(RUS) and father Afanasij Sibirskij Dvor(RUS)), her father is Oliver Nostalgie Beauty(RUS) from Petrozavodsk in Russia, bringing completely new bloodlines to Skandinavia.

lørdag 28. mars 2009

Litter pearls

Different types of litter pearls is what I use in my cat-litter trays. You cant' imagine the difference in smell. Being a breeding male Taiga smells quite alot, but using litter pearls makes all the difference. I started using it in one (of four litter-trays) when Bissan had her kittens, now I use it in all four with great success. I will reccommend it to everyone keeping a breeding male!!

Isak - two weeks

Isak is 2 weeks on sunday, and I'm soo satisfied with him. His type looks wonerful and so does his silver. Look at his profile and his round face, and look at his boning. He's a promising boy! No one has shown interest for him yet, but hopefully he'll find a good furure home soon. He's just so wonderful!!

Compare Isak with bissans babies at two weeks: http://solstorms.blogspot.com/2008/11/to-uker.html


Bissan, the love of my life. She is so special to me. A natural beauty. She is doing well, playing with the other cats and cuddeling up to whomever has space on their lap for her.


Took Summer out to take some pics of her. She gets very curious ourside, and a little "big round eyed!!"

This is my favourite of these three, it shows a lot about her playful personality
Her eyes are not green, but still a very deep and clear colour. And they suit her
What are the neighbours up to, she thinks

torsdag 26. mars 2009

Maks and Karma

Borzois are very different from most other breeds, they act and play very different. Their maine game is running, and to be happy they need to be able to run off some steam at least a couple of times per week. There are not many borzoi in the Harstad-aerea, I think there are 3-4, so it's not easy to meet other borzoi. Thankfully this summer I met Karma and her owner, and we desided to meet with the dogs sometimes. For different reasons we couldn't meet until yesterday, but look what a good time the dogs had! I think we are all looking forward to our next meeting :0)

Some everyday photos

Everybody who knows me knows the camera is always close to me. That is why I always keep posting different photos of my cats, I am home with them all day at the moment and the light is so natural at the moment it's hard to recist to "shoot" ;0)

My maine focus these days of course is little Isak Taiganov. He is such a fat little charmer. He is living in our livingroom and gets lots of attention from us all (including the dog). Mum takes good care of him, but lets us all cuddle him, even if she after a while demands to get him back in the cage.

He is just so satisfied all the time, putting on weight really nicely, and thinks life is wonderful. Here he is taking a bath.
Sleeping Stretching
The cutest kitten ever!
Therese and Isak is cuddeling, and Bagheera is watching her little silver prince
Here's Bissan and Therese watching TV toghether
And another one of Taiga
Here's a series of Summer + Maks playing. They are just hilerious!

onsdag 25. mars 2009


Isak is 9 days today and was 243 grams this morning. Mum is taking really good care of him, and dad has calmed down a lot even if he still is quite eager to mate her sometimes. I seperate him from Bagheera and Isak for a few hours each day to give them (and him) some peace.

Isak will not show us his eyes
But I only want to sleep
A close up
Ok, I'll humor you and show my eyes on one photo
Now it's enough sais Bagheera. I want him back!