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tirsdag 20. april 2010

Teddy also did great!

Teddy was Ex. 1, BIV-T and NOM both days and got one vote in panel both days. Here I am carrying both boys

Breeder Pasi posing with me and the boys
Therese is posing with all our BIV, NOM and BIS-prices
Breeder Pasi with a young copy of granddad JummiJammi
Therese too is proud of Teddy
Therese and Teddy
Therese wants to make sure everybody knows Teddy is her cat
Breeder Pasi and Teddy
Michael Edström is looking at Teddy in the panel
Breeder Tiina and Teddy
Student Judge looking at Teddy
Teddy on the judges table
Teddy is being judged by Maud Olsson Johansen
Breeder Tiina and Teddy
Thank you Tiina and Pasi for all help and support this weekend. It was great!! Thanx

3 kommentarer:

Hakrilas sa...

Gratulerer med flotte resultater!:)

Sissel sa...

Takker :0)

Catzy sa...

Morsomt å lese at kattene dine gjorde det så bra;=) Gratulerer;=)