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mandag 10. mai 2010


This weekend we was at thow - again, and we had success - again
GIC FIN*Amante's King of Taiga got his two first CACS, and was even nominated on saturday and got one vote in the panel.

Taiga in the cage before he goes in the panel. Completely relaxed
Finally our young boy went all the way, and twice the same weekend. FIN*Lumukissan X-Cellent was BIS on saturday with all votes, and on suday with three votes.
Handsome Isak was also at show, and got very good judgements both days. He was IC on sunday. Now he will go to two more shows this summer, and then take a pause to mature a little.

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Helen Aandal sa...

Ja nå skal gutten få kvile, så til neste vår blir det veldig spennende og høre hva dommerne mener da ;0)))