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torsdag 25. mars 2010

Tokio Hotel-litter, 12 days

Another litter update today. We are leaving for a show this weekend, so there will not be another update in a few days, so here it goes

Summer and Monsoon. Monsoon will be staying at home
This is Summer and Darkside of the Sun
Another of Summer and Darkside
Three pics of little Monsoon, I need a tip for a nickname. Anyone?
Monsoon head
Pretty pretty girl, I am in love
The best head in my opinion is on Instant Karma.
She is under evaluation. One of the dark sisters will go to a show/breeding home
She is big, heavily boned and has a lot of red. I think she is silver too.
Darside of the Sun has a red stripe on her face
She is round like a ball
Very dark in colour, for sure no silver on her

3 kommentarer:

S*Ja Znaju, Scrappar Liv sa...

Däm e läkker alle tre, men Darkside er mums

Sissel sa...

Ja, kanskje hun bør reise til Åmål?

Ororina sa...

Oh, they have got eyes. So lovely! And yes, I understand why you have fallen in love in Monsoon, even though the other two might have a better head. Go for the love :D

Nickname? Moonie? Sonny? Sol? Mosu? Moses? LOL