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mandag 22. mars 2010

Tokio Hotel-litter, 9 days

Here is the Tokio Hotel gang with mum. From the left is Monsoon, Darkside of the Sun and Instant Karma

These first five pics are Instant Karma. She is SIB n 23 or SIB ns 23. She has the best head, and she has a lot of red. She is currently spoken for.

This is Monsoon, and if any of the girls will be staying at home, she's the one. She has the weakest head at the moment, but I will keep an eye on her and see how she developes. I love her colour and pattern. She will be registered SIB gs 09 22

Darkside of the sun looks like a SIB n 23, and you have to really look closely to find red on her. But it is there, and it will be more visible in time. She is not silver (I think...). She was biggest when they were born, and is developing fast. She is the first to open her eyes. She too has a nice head

2 kommentarer:

Catzy sa...

They are so wonderful;=)

Moon sa...

aww, so cute they are <33