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fredag 20. februar 2009

Having a bad hair day?

Maks the dog has been "moved" from my everyday blog to my (N)Solstorm's-blog even though he's not a cat, and not part om my breeding programme. This is mostly because he doesn't know he's not a cat, he only thinks he's a little tall and skinny for his age... In his world he's the most beautiful cat ever, and everytime I call the cats Maks will come running. That hardly ever happends when I call his name *sigh*

Maks' breeder commented on his hair tonight. She sais it is a good thing to have lots of fur, as long as it grows in the right places *LOL*. She also thinks he is a little young to have this cind of "hentesveis" hairdo *ROFL*

I think he's cute with his hair like this and I always cuddle with it, altough he looks kinda stupid looking like this too :0)
Look at me, I'm a big russian cat too, and I have the nicest hairdo of us all

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Ororina sa...

Haha, what a beautiful cat!