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tirsdag 3. februar 2009

A little about our plans

The king himself, Mr IC FIN*Amante's King of Taiga. As it is getting warmer and lighther outside he has started calling more, and he also needs to boss his girls around a little. But mostly he's just wonderful, and we can all live with a little hormones. I will get around to buying stuff for his outside catrun so he can be occupied with hunting flies and spiders for a few hours every day.
Taiga is IC now, and I'll now aim for the GIC-title . He will be shown toghether with Summer, and I have some shows planned for him, but not all decided yet.
Then we have the father & daughter (N)CarilloCat Lucky Day, and Le Sphinx Killing My Dream.
Summer will be shown quite a lot before she is mated, I have some shows already planned and are thinking about some others too. Maks the dog will maybe be shown a little this summer too :0) This is (N)Solstorm's Ramp Salvian Taiganov at 13 weeks. He will move to Finnmark, in the north of Norway after he has been neutered next week.
Ramp again
And here is (N)Solstorm's Blå Rock Salvian Taiganov. The two remaining brothers are both so lovely. Blå Rock will move to Buskerud in the south of Norway at the end of February.
Blå Rock resting

Blå Rock togheter with mum. Her full name is now IC S*Kazol's Bissan JW. Still the only sibirian in Norway with the Junior Winner title. She will not be shown again. She will stay at home and be the queen of the house.
At last two photos of Maks the dog, and (N)Gaupekatten's Frøken Norge. She is pregnant now, but after she's had her kittens I will show her a little. Maybe aldready this summer if she still is in good condition after rearing her kittens.
Maks is a kisser

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