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mandag 27. juli 2009

Isak Taiganov - 4 months

Today we were invited to Isak Taiganov for a barbeque, and of course I brought my camera. Here are some shots from today.

This look is definately from dad
He is getting a lot lighter, but his tail is still black
I love his body. It is alot more compact than Taiga
He is a bit pinched, and of course has high set ears, but for being 4 months I think he looks wonderful
Hairy ears, and they are not too big
He has a big catyard to play in too. He also has lovely fur for a sibirian. Standing out from his body, and he has a nice hard overcoat.

2 kommentarer:

Ororina sa...

Syns han ser skikkelig barsk ut jeg :D

Helen Aandal sa...

Hehe, ligner ikke mye på hvordan han er nå, 9 mnd gammel.
Haba,haba ;0)