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onsdag 22. juli 2009

An invitation

I and Maks was invited to Heggenkollen. A fenced-in area where the dogs can run and play. I imagined it was a large field, but it was natural forest and very nice!! The dogs enjoyed themselves intensly. Little Sarcha is 8 months old and just full of fun.
I must tell about going home too. The dogs had been running like crazy for about two hours. Finally they'd had enough of running and was panting a lot, and since it also was a bit could and windy we decided to go back home.
On the way home I stopped by the shop to buy somethings we needed for dinner. A woman followed me inside and asked me if I was the one who had left my dog in the car. Then she told me she wanted to smash in the windows so the dog could breath, and I should be ashamed of myself leaving the dog without any open windows. I tried to tell the lady it was only 12 degrèes outcide (Celcius)), but she just hissed at me and told me to try sitting in a car like that. I was quite shocked about this lady, actually I normally have the wellbeing of my dog in my mind all the time, and especially when I leave him (or the cats) in the car for some time. When I came out the lady was still there, and she was commenting to another lady about Maks' panting. She clearly didn't even think a second that he could have had exersice and was panting because of that...
I understand it was well ment, but I hope in the future this lady will use her animal rescue effort on kittens without homes or something. At least until we finally have a warm summer in the North of Norway ;0))
Here are the dogs running in circles around us

Pia and Sarcha - thanx for inviting us

I want to play some more!!
Now, finally I'm tired too Sarcha sais
Borzoi game = running and chasing each other

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Ororina sa...

Du må ha det styggelig varmt inni bilen din - hihi. Ja, helt klart, den dama burde nok heller brukt dyreverner-energien sin på noen som behøver det litt mer enn "stakkars" Maks ;) 12 grader? :rister på hodet: Hadde det nå vært 32 så skulle jeg ha forstått henne.