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onsdag 22. juli 2009

Pawpeds G2 course and CH (N)CarilloCat Lucky Day

I have been accepted to the Pawpeds G2 course, and is wondering if I should attend or not. They say it's a lot about geneticks in this course which I find very interesting. I also know a lot of the cat genetics by heart now so even if I really don't have time I really want to attend.

Also I want to post a few pics of my lovely summergirl CH (N)CarilloCat Lucky Day. She is still very much developing, but I love what I see in her nowadays. I think she is a promising girl.

2 kommentarer:

Murlyka Siberian Cattery sa...

Summer is becoming more and more beautiful. The season must agree with her.

Lise sa...

Jeg er enig: hun blir bare vakrere og vakrere din Summer!