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tirsdag 24. mars 2009

Bagheera - an ananlysis

Bagheers breeder does not take many photos of her kittens, and I think that is why Bagheera is extremely camera-shy. She does not like it at all when I put the camera in her face. She will act like a teenage girl, hide her face or run and hide. I have alsmost never got nice full body photos of her. But here she is! Of course she has just given birth so she's not in the best condition, and she has not been brushed. But it gives an impression of her. Thankfully her fur has been a lot shorter as an adult and also better in texture. She has been very soft for a long time. She was sold as a black kitten, but now there is no longer any doubt she is smoke and a nice one too :0)
She is medium in size, and has a compact body. Her bonig match her size. Her eyes are starting to turn green, but so far with a yellow undertone. Her silver is very nice I think, and she has a good expression.
She also has a beautiful soft profile and a lovely rounded forehead. And her ears are medium/small and nicely tilted. One of her weak spots is her mussle, it is a little bit "pinched", and also her fur has been too soft, but her adult fur is MUCH better.
Here is a photo of the boys sleeping toghether. Can you belive Taiga had never seen a dog before he came to live with us??
And a photo of "Miss cuddle". She is constantly purring and giving hugs and kisses to everybody she knows. Here Maks the dog is getting some love

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Nydelige bilder!:)