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søndag 22. mars 2009

Isak Taiganov

He has started opening his eyes, and I can hardly wait to see how he looks then. His head looks very round and nice and he is just thriving. He wa 199 grams today, so he has almost doubled his weight now. He loves attention and loves already to be lifted, kissed and kuddeled. I think he will be a very social kitten ;0)

Here's pic of mum. She doesn't like the camera and thus she is the least photogenic of my cats.

2 kommentarer:

S*Ja Znaju, Scrappar Liv sa...

ÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅ for en deilig pusegutt.
ta godt vare på han du Sissel

Ororina sa...

Åh, så god og rund han ser ut.