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tirsdag 31. mars 2009

A few pics

Today I've made som pics of green eyes, and then some of silver baby Isak. I'm in love

Bissan profile
Taiga, he was sleeping and not interested in me at all...
Lovely little Isak Taiganov
And here is a little photo of (N)Solstorm's Zeya Nostalgie. She is living a bit further south in Norway so I haven't seen her since she was a baby. We are planning for her to have a (N)Solstorm's-litter in the autumn toghether with handsome Taiga . She has improved a lot in type since the last photo I saw of her, and hopefully she can have some beautiful babies with Taiga. Her mother is IC S*Ja Znaju Aztii Afanasievna (mother Edelweiss Fiona(RUS) and father Afanasij Sibirskij Dvor(RUS)), her father is Oliver Nostalgie Beauty(RUS) from Petrozavodsk in Russia, bringing completely new bloodlines to Skandinavia.

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S*Ja Znaju, Scrappar Liv sa...

Guri dag så fin Zeya har blitt.
Well done Sis.