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torsdag 26. mars 2009

Some everyday photos

Everybody who knows me knows the camera is always close to me. That is why I always keep posting different photos of my cats, I am home with them all day at the moment and the light is so natural at the moment it's hard to recist to "shoot" ;0)

My maine focus these days of course is little Isak Taiganov. He is such a fat little charmer. He is living in our livingroom and gets lots of attention from us all (including the dog). Mum takes good care of him, but lets us all cuddle him, even if she after a while demands to get him back in the cage.

He is just so satisfied all the time, putting on weight really nicely, and thinks life is wonderful. Here he is taking a bath.
Sleeping Stretching
The cutest kitten ever!
Therese and Isak is cuddeling, and Bagheera is watching her little silver prince
Here's Bissan and Therese watching TV toghether
And another one of Taiga
Here's a series of Summer + Maks playing. They are just hilerious!

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Toril sa...

Så nydelig!:) Kjempefine bilder!:)