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mandag 14. desember 2009

A new toy

I bought Teddy a new toy today and attached it to an old scratch-post. Teddy was in heaven. Taiga is in the background.

All cats are quite curious... Bissan, Bagheera, Teddy and Summer
Me and the boys wrapping Christmas-gifts....
Taiga is being special as always <3

2 kommentarer:

Outi sa...

What a big boy he is already! Best wishes to Teddy or Ramses as we called him. This comes from Omppu mother and from all of us here at Teddy's birthhome. :)

Sissel sa...


Visiting your blog I see why Teddy is not afraid of our dog :0)
He is already a big boy, and such a lovable little caracter. Thank you for this special boy. he is really something else <3