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onsdag 16. desember 2009

Taiga as "cover-cat"

This is a list oriented to all breeders of Siberian Cats that belong to any recognised cat association worldwide. The name of the list is *The Siberian Cat* and we keep to the original FIFe Siberian standard where is told that "regarding the eye color, any color is permitted but preference is given to green" and "all colours are acceptable except pointed patterns and the varieties chocolate, cinnamon, lilac, fawn."

The discussion is restricted to the Siberian cat: history, breed description, standards, breeding, health, line chasing, temperament.

This list is not a kitten for sale board. No flaming tolerated. No spaming or cattery promotion allowed.

Our intro photo is of FIN*Amante´s King of Taiga from (N)Solstorm's Siberian Cats in Norway.


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