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onsdag 23. desember 2009

Teddy Celebrating Christmas

Two of my beauties. Teddy and Bissan are of the same type in my opinion <3

wants to sleep, not to take pictures Therese is decorating the Christmas tree, and Teddy does his best to tare it down again.....

2 kommentarer:

Lumikissan siperiankissat sa...

Yes, they are very similar type :)
I can see that Teddy have lots of fun there ;)

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Sissel sa...

I must tell you Teddy is doing his best ALL THE TIME to help....
I have been washing the shower today, and Teddy was "helping", I was cleaning the cats' toilets, and Teddy was "helping". He was "helping" Therese decorating the tree, and he has even had a taste of our Christmas-dinner, uninvited of course ;0)

He is a REAL sibirian in his behaviour!!! :0)

I just love him to death!! <3