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tirsdag 14. april 2009

Big boy needs big house

Sissel say a four week old boy needs food and a toilet. He also needs some space to run around she sais. I couldn't agree more. Today she buildt me a brand new house out of cardboard and I'm so proud of it I have to brag a little. Here it is. My own beedroom, kitchen and toilet. And also a nice pink place to hide or sleep or just play.
Here I am in the kitchen, exploring. First meeting with solid food and water
And this, I'm told, is the toilet
If I have to complaine about something, it will have to be this sand. It tastes like... shit ;0)
Mum also likes the pink bed
I think it suits me perfectly, and will hear nothing about it being to cute and feminine for a sibirian boy
When you have a face like this you can get away with just about everything
I'm so tired after all this exploring, good night
And here's a pic of my proud breeder and house builder

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Murlyka Siberian Cattery sa...

Great house construction. And Isak really is too cute for words!!! I just love that face.