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tirsdag 21. april 2009

Guess the breed

Many sibirians goes trough a really bad face before the turn out to be beautiful sibirians (or not). I used to call Taiga my Maine coon for a while, and these photos shows Summer could easily be mistaken for a turkish van... (or turkish angora?) with her big ears placed on the top of her head... At the moment she is not a very pritty sibirian to be honest, but I had to take some pics of her today since she has had a bath and actually been blowdried for the first time! Tomorrow we will have a meeting in our local catclub where we will compare sib's, mco's and nfo's. I will bring Taiga and maybe Bissan. I also will bring mye angora, not because she is a beautiful sibirian at the moment, but just to show sib's can come in her colours also.

Summer is going to be shown in may. Please send some good vibrations she will look a bit more sibirian then, I know underneath there's a beautiful sibirian trying to come out, but it's really struggeling at the moment *LOL*

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