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tirsdag 7. april 2009

Isak & family

Isak is currently spoken for, somebody has fallen in love with this little hooligan (can't blame them), and has to think long and hard about giving him a home.

Mummy loves her little Prince
I wonder how somebody can love this face??
Sooo cute!
And already has the fierce sibirian look
Oh mum, I'm so tired of all this licking. I want to play
Haha, I got you!
Of course it's nice to get a hug as well
Wonder what daddy is up to, taking a nap maybe?
Actually he's playing with the girls, but don't really know ;0)

1 kommentar:

Ororina sa...

Isak looks like a teddy bear. Why have a polar bear skin on the floor when you have Taiga?