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onsdag 22. april 2009

Breed comparison

First out is Taiga, to show what a proper SIB looks like
More SIB. He was heavy to hold...
We all explained our breeds' standard, and got questions from the audience
And I also brought Summer to show the "forest-cats" can come in different colours.
Here's a 3 year old NFO male neuter
May-Gunn is explaining about the straight NFO-profile
And the boning
Here's a MCO male youngster and one adult NFO male neuter
The NFO does not like the MCO...
Very handsome young MCO male
Here's MCO and SIB
May-Gunn is explaining about the NFO standard
I am explaining about the SIB-standard
And Britt about the MCO-standard
My favourite is still sibirians!! <3

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