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lørdag 25. april 2009

Isak - six weeks

Isak is six weeks old and alot more adventurous. He runs around everywhere, even down the stairs but he cannot klimb up yet... He sits at the bottom and cries his heart out, so we have to go down and carry him up. He is playing with mum, dad and Summer, and even sometimes with Maks the dog.

Daddy is big and strong, but I have the upper hand :0)
I'm sooo cute, sais SisselBig eyes, but that's only because of the camera-blitz. I haven't inhereted daddys camera shyness
what's up?!
I guess this is a little of what's to come. Look at that wonderful expression <3
This plant needs to be killed
Here I am with Therese
She's soooo proud of me
And here I am with daddy, getting some beatin'

2 kommentarer:

Lise sa...

Lille Isak er utrolig nydelig der han "ypper" seg med store pappa.
Virker som Isak kan bli en veldig fin sibirkatt,skal han stilles ut etterhvert?

Sissel sa...

Ja, hun som sier hun skal ha ham er åpen for å prøve utstilling. Jeg hadde syntes det hadde vært veldig morsomt hvis han ble stilt ut litt :0)