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onsdag 6. mai 2009

A few more changes

Today I made a proper lock on the door and made it a little safer since we have a unnutered tomcat running loose in our neighbourhood. I also made a shelf for the cats, so that they can have a nice hight watchpost :0)
Now my next plan is to plant some grass and flowers here and there to make it pretty for us and the cats.

Here I caught Taiga and Bissan sleeping on the sofa. Taiga is stretching. Actually the sofa is probably older than me, so I think it is nice to be able to keep it and make use of it.
Handsome Taiga
Look how high he is, he really has a good overwiew now. Bissan on the sofa
Where is the neighbours Tomcat, I will not tolerate him!!
He is a handsome King
Another profile shot
On the top of the world
Guess who is the boss here?
Taiga getting a hug from Bissan
Another Taiga photo

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Amantes Siberian Cats sa...

Great improvements in your cat yarad, the cats certainly appreciate it!