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tirsdag 19. mai 2009

Two newly bathed beauties

Saturday Taiga and Summer will be at a cat-show here in the north of Norway (first show this season). Taiga will be shown for the first time in class 5, and Summer for the first time in class 9. Today I gave them both a bath, and just had to take a few photos.

Taigas fur has not dried completely on this pic, so it will be a little fuller in the end, but I think he looks nice for class 5 even tough he has his summercoat on. He is also quite skinny at the moment, beeing a breeding male... But hopefully he'll get his first two CAGCIB's this weekend

These action shots were terriby blurred, but I just have to show off his wild side too :0)
I have been a bit worried Summer would not get her cert this weekend, having such a teenage look, but I'm pleased with her after having a bath and I'm more positive about her at the moment.

Another blurred action-photo
Just for fun
He is very agile...!
I love his eartufts and his green eyes
Sadly he wouldn't look at me here, but it shows off his nice body and fur
Another Summer-photo
She looks better than expected

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