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lørdag 16. mai 2009

A wonderful day

Today has been a wonderful sunny day. We all + the dog and cats have spendt most of it outdoors. First we washed the car thorougly - something it really needed... shame on me...
Then I and Therese had a little babeque-party by ourselves. It was really cosy and we enjoyed outsefes intensly.

Here's Maks running
Isak had his first visit to the catyard today. Here he is sleeping with dad
Finally here's mum, I love you Isak sais
My two breeding females
Wonderful Bissan
Isak with mum. The outdoors is a little scary he thinks
Bissan, the love of my life
We are barbequing, and here's Therese standing next to the grill and the catyard
Another Bissan-pic Taiga - look at his lovely eyecolour
Therese with her cowboy-hat
Maks hears Bine, and really wants to play with her
Our dinner :0)
Maks is sleeping

2 kommentarer:

Synnøve sa...

masse flotte bilder :)
savner dere mye.... :(
Bissan er og blir dronningen over alle dronninger.

Murlyka Siberian Cattery sa...

It does look like an absolutely wonderful day! Thanks for sharing.