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mandag 4. mai 2009

Improvement - new door made today

Today I made some important improvements to the summer house, I buildt the last wall, and a proper door. Now the whole thing is alot more "sibirian-safe", and it is also a lot easier to get the cats in and out. Next project will be building another level, or a shelf on one of the sides, so that the cats can be on more levels.

Here's a pic of the new door :0)

Another one

Summer has been outside for several hours today

Another one of Summer

Taiga is quite hormonal at the moment

My always beautiful Bissan, she hates to be caged in, but changed places with Summer this afternoon.

Another one of Bis

Bagheeras first time out in the catrun, and Taiga was very "happy" to see her again...Of course nothing happened, she lets him have his way for a while but stops him when she has had enough of his amorous behaviour. He will have to wait to get something for rel for another few months ;0)
Another one of Bagheera

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Murlyka Siberian Cattery sa...

The house is looking wonderful Sissel
So are the cats. Bissan is beautiful, Isak too cute for words and the others great to.