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fredag 15. mai 2009

Isak Taiganov - just too cute <3

4 kommentarer:

Marit sa...

Guri malla - han er bare supersøt, glad han har fått hjem, så blir en ikke for fristet... Ha en god helg og en fin 17. mai
Klem fra Marit
og langnesene

Amantes Siberian Cats sa...

ohoh - this kitten is really something and some of the pictures remind me of Taiga's kittens pictures with elevated paws:-)
How can you ever let Isak go!!!

Sissel sa...

He is not going far, so we get to see him quite often, and also we get to show him once in a while and maybe even Summer gets to meet him "for real" once also. We couldn't be happier ;0)

Anonym sa...

Aaaaaw! Such a charmer. He looks like he's telling fishing stories: "It was this big. Really. I swear!"