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mandag 25. mai 2009


We have had a fantastic weekend at Nesna/Polarkatten. My results were:

Taiga: 2 x CAGCIB
Summer : 2 x CAC

I did not expect anything more, and was very happy when Taiga was considered for NOM both days. Summer needs some development still.

As usual I used my camera often, and here are some photos.

My new friend Tone and her beautiful ragdoll-female from (N)Diadem's. She was nominated on Saturday
My friends Berit (Yowie's) and Helga (HeLo's Farm) with MCO brother and sister. The sister was NOM both days, and BIS on sunday.

My friends Odd and Anne-Marit at (N)Ororina's explaining about aby"boots". The princess in question is (N)Ororina's Queen of Night
(N)Ororina's Helga den Fagre, BIS on sunday

Odd from (N)Ororina's with (N)Ororina's Helga den Fagre. Odd and Anne-Marit had two of their offsprings in the panel, and (N)Ororina's Helga den Fagre was BIS on sunday. (N)Ororina's cattery was best breeder category III on sunday.

Britt from (N)Nordic Lynx with one of her cats. She had several nominated cats both days and was Best breeder category II on saturday

This is a (N)Nordic Lynx MCO

Nemesis av Jamas(N), DRX

Another one of Nemesis, a really beautiful DRX

This is her son, he was nominated on saturday (they only showed one day)his father is Jesus Christ Superstar av Ockremenko(N), nicknamed Jesus

Me stuarting for Karina Bjuran on Saturday. On Sunday I was stuarting for Louis Coste. They were both teaching me a lot about the different standards, and I really enjoyed stuarting for them both.

My friend Janne from (N)Azzi's beat 6 other litters and was BIS litter on saturday, and nr 2 on sunday with her RAG-litter. One of the kittens from this litter was also BIS and BOB 3-6 months on saturday!

My friend Berit (N)Yowie's with her MCO-litter. It was nr 4 of 7 on saturday, and not placed on sunday.

May-Gunn new breeder of NFO - (N)Stallo's - with her neuter male. NOM on sunday.

Me with (N)CarilloCat Lucky Day, aka Summer. She got her CAC's both days

Karina judging Summer

Here am I and IC FIN*Amante's King of Taiga

Taiga at the judges table. He got his two first CAGCIB's

Closeup - he has a SUPER show-temper!!!

Taiga is considered for nomination

Fabrice Calmes taking out his NOM, the MCO male won. He wanted longer fur on Taiga

Berit and I are looking at a nice burmese male

Helga (N)HeLo's Farm with her future breeding male (N)Nordic Lynx Zegna Intenso , MCO ns. He was NOM on saturday

Berit with (N)Yowie's Patrick, MCO ns 09 - still for sale ;0)

Louis Coste judging Patrick

And at the end some of the scenery from the northern part of Norway

Passing the polar circle going south

Wonderful weather and wonderful scenery

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Ororina sa...

Gratulere med certene :D Ja, de aby-støvlene ja... Utrolig korte på den abyen jeg viser fram ;)

S*Ja Znaju, Scrappar Liv sa...

Takk hjertet for de fine bildene og kommentarene. Taiga kunne jo hatt litt mer pels, men sommer er sommer til og med i Nordland fylke heh. Summer er jo til å spise. örer eller ikke örer.
Grattis vennen