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søndag 17. mai 2009

May 17th - The Norwegian Constitution Day

First a couple of Taiga + Bagheera-pics

The Constitution Day is a big celebration in Norway and even the cats participates :0)
Little Isak
Another Isak pic
Bissan is Swedish born, and a little more hesitant to the Norwegian flag... Finnish born Taiga is curious, but not very enthusiastic...
Wow, she suddently remembered she has lived most of her life in Norway
And even Taiga warmed up to the flag after a while
Here we are at Thereses school. Maks is meeting up with a little dog. The owner is wearing a National Costume from Lofoten
Maks enjoys himself, and so does Therese
Our neighbour and her friend

Maks made some new friends

They were just so cute I had to take a pic

This Nathional Costume is from my area - Nordland. They can be made in blue and green. I prefer the green model - blue=coast and green=inland, even though I was born by the coast.
Me and Maks
The sami National Costume, wonderful
I also had to take a few pics of some small cute lambs

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