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lørdag 16. januar 2010

Bissan and Teddy

There's no new and exiting news to tell from my cattery for the moment, so I just wanted to share a pic of Bissan. She is in "good" health as always, meaning we cannot se her HCM in her everyday life. She is cuddly as always, playing with Teddy and giving the dog one or two beats everytime she feels it is neccesary. She also is the police in my cattery, and if the other cats are making too much noice (for instance Taiga is trying to mate somebody who doesn't agree), Bissan is there in a flash and straighten things up. She is very authorative ;0)
Also tought I should share a copule of pics of my hooligan Teddy and Maks the dog. Teddy loves to play with the dog, and vica verca. They are the best of friends even if things look a bit out of control in this pic. Actually Maks don't mind too much if the cats bite his nose, but if they touch his feet they have won! Strange dog...

Here's another pic where at leat Maks is posing nicely. Teddy I guess is wondering what kind of mischief he can come up with next. He is soooo lovable, but also the biggest hooligan in my home at the moment. Teddy is developing in a flash of light. I think he must have gained 1 kg the last week... Of corse it isn't true, but he is really developing and he will be a big and very big boned MAN when he grows up :0)

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Helen Aandal sa...

Hehe, de er nå artige de to guttene der.
Ser ut som bestevenner, men allikavel så syns Tetty det er på tide at Max får seg en pircing i snuten ;0)