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søndag 17. januar 2010

Teddys profile

Teddys brothers and sisters have done great at show, they already have several ex. 1, NOM and BIS. His brother (pic on the index-page of Lumikissans homepage) already has three BIS!!
It's unbelivable. Of course I had to compare the two brothers and found I had not taken any good profile-pics of Teddy. So here is one from tonight. It seems I have nothing to worry about, it is very similar to his beautiful brother in Switzerland. He has a different coat quality it seems, but in my opinion Teddy has a GREAT quality already as a small boy. I love him <3

Here's a pic of Teddy and his friend Maks the dog taken a couple of days ago

And here's the same couple taken after Teddy had been here for a couple of days. Can you see how much he has grown??

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