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torsdag 14. januar 2010


In Norway we don't have a pawpeds-approved vet at the moment, but for me the most important thing is to test, not to get the results in a database. I live 4 hours drive from Tromsø, the nearest place to test for HCM, so I was really happy Merethe at (N)Gyfi's agreed to pick Bagheera up when the boat arrived in Tromsø, take her to the vet and pop her off at the boat back to Harstad again in the afternoon.

At 10 a.m I sent Bagheera to Tromsø with this boat. Nice isn't it?

The name is "Fjorddronningen", or in English: "The fjord queen"

Here's a photo of the vet's office.
And of course the most important thing to tell is that Bagheeras heart was PERFECT today! I'm so happy. Now she will be mated to handsome Taiga.

Merethes' MCO cat IC (N) Nordic Lynx Aramis was getting a clean bill of health also, Jippi!!

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