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onsdag 13. januar 2010


FIN*Amante's King of Kindness

Taiga is one of 6 brownmacrel boys in Amante's K-litter. I am so lucky to get updates and funny comments and stories from Taigas brother Maksin from time to time. Today I even got a photo, and the permition to share it in my blog. Maksim, or FIN*Amante's King of Kindness as his pedigrèe name is, is a neutered boy, and he is living together with another stunning Amante-cat and their two legged "mum" Ritva. I promised to tell everybody Maksim is just as sweet and nice as Taiga, even though he looks a bit angry in the photo. He, like Taiga, does not like the blitzlight and closes his eyes. Thanx Ride for commenting and sharing stories. I really appretiate it <3

Taiga was putting on his dipers again today to visit upstairs. Here he is trying to make a pass at Bagheera, but she is not in heat at the moment and was telling him off BIG TIME. That's what he gets for being unfaithful I suppose... ;0)
But Taiga is stressed about his girls calling for him, so he had to spray, and after he had sprayed his dipers a couple of times he was taken to his room again. Hopefully he will meet Bagheera "for real" again soon. But we need to screen her for HCM again first.

Taiga and Bagheera

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Hi Sissel!Oooohh! I must ask who is that charming guy in the upper pic? Because I´m just a simple little cat I can not read, but at one quick look I see that he is so much more HANDSOME than that raggedy-Taiga who is living there with you. MUCH more handsome, if I´m allowed to tell my opinion.

asks your pen-pal from Finland Maksim

Anonym sa...

I´m so sry about that there above, Sissel! My Maksim thinks he is such a smart-ass sometimes...

Hugs to wonderful Taiga and his beautiful fiancee Bahgheera! Hope to hear happy news from them soon ;).


Sissel sa...

Hugs to both HANDSOME Maksin and funny Ride. Thanx for a good laugh!!