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mandag 4. januar 2010

Visiting at (N)HeLo's Farm

Yesterday I was visiting MCO-breeder Helga from HeLo's Farm to take a look at her new kittens and just to chat a little. It's always nice to share cat-news, experience, plans and other cat related topics ;0)

This little guy is only one day hold. He is blueagouti and his name is (N)HeLo's Farm Isaiah
Here are the boys living together. Little Isaiahs' father is the red tom to the left.
This is the G-litter. From left: (N)HeLo's Farm Goldilocks, MCO f 22, (N)HeLo's Farm Goldfinger, MCO d(S) 22, and (N)HeLo's Farm Glossy, MCO n 22. Their father is the blacksmoke tom to the right (above)
Cosmo, MCO d 22

Intenso, MCO ns

If you want to read more about Helgas' cats, please visit her homepage: http://www.helosfarm.net/index.htm

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