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søndag 21. juni 2009

A couple of days in Dog heaven!

My friends Sonja and Alf-Bjarne needed help with giving their sibirian a bath before the show next weekend, so I put Maks in my car and drove north to have a wonderful couple of days in their company again. Maks loves the borzoi girls living with Sonja and co, and I think the girl loves him too. It is always a big success when they are together. Another little girl came by on Sunday to say hi. When Maks met her, he suddently discovered he's a boy, and flirted as a real pro. Well, I guess he is old enough now to learn about the flower and the bee...

Maks and Dvina is a good match, and loves to be in each others company
Here is Volga sitting in the background, and a very tired Maks laying flat out in the grass
Volga and Dvina sees a cat outside the fence
Dvina loves Alf-Bjarne, and he loves her back
Volga is tired is going too sleep on the coach
Maks and Dvina are waiting to be let our again
Look, here is another little borzoi too. Little Sarcha is 7-8 months old
4 borzoi, a wonderful group
Everybody need to sniff each other
Maks is so much in love with Sarcha
Volga the police is keeping every dog in place
Volga makes sure Maks knows she is the highest ranked and "mates" him...
Poor Sarcha is getting totally exhausted by Maks' flirting
Maks and Dvina playing borzoi-style

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