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søndag 21. juni 2009

(N)Snurribart's cats

Sonja and Alf-Bjarne loves siamese cats, and have been breeding them for some years. Here are two of their siamese. This is Yang, a neuter male.

This is their breeding queen and show star, Madam Mim.

Oliver and Charlene are two sibirians imported from Russia. Actually they were both given as gifts from Russian friends of Sonja and Alf-Bjarne. Charlene is going to be shown a little this summer. Oliver competes in class 3 and needs some more winterfur before he's shown again.
Oliver and Sonja. Oliver is a very mellow fertile male

A nice boy, very masculine

Husband and wife together
Oliver is registered as red macrel tabby, altough I think he is solid red. Charlene is black spotted.
I think they make a wonderful couple and will be an interesting mating!
Here's Oliver, He is 3,5 years old . He is medium in size, with a strong solid body. He also has a very nice coat quality.
Really nice profile

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