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torsdag 11. juni 2009

An update on Maks the dog

Today I've decided to post a few photos of my beautiful Borzoi. We often go for walks in the evenings, and since the weather has been so beautiful for the last days I decided to bring my camera for our walk today. Of course today was cloudy, and the beautiful coloring of the sky and midnight sun we have seen lately was not present.

First we stopped at a kindergarden in the neighbourhood where Maks could run loose and play
Didn't you know Borzois' can fly?
A happy dog
He looks kinda silly sometimes, I must admit...
It's so much fun to run and play in a Borzoi-world
We went down to the sea, and this is a photo of the aera I live in taken from the sea.
A few headshots
He is just gorgeous <3
The man in my life. Brown eyes and a hairy chest, can a girl ask for more? ;0)

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Murlyka Siberian Cattery sa...

He's so beautiful and joyful when he plays and runs! The picture of him jumping over the fence is amazing. Sounds like a pretty good man to have in your life! LOL