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tirsdag 23. juni 2009

Our neighbour

Maks is fine with our cats, but cats outside are lunch in his opinion. Actually when it comes to unnutered toms I'm fine with him chasing them off our property... This cat however is not a tom, she is a neuter female and is living downstairs at the moment.

She is a "real" housecat, and it always makes me happy to see this kind of "natural" cats. I always get so sad when housecat/purebreed cats win the houscat-class at shows. I think true housecats are priceless, and one should not encourage mixing breeds...

This beauty was picked up by the animal rescue and was given a new home. She has a black girlfriend too, but sometimes they get curious about my cats and wants to visit. Here she has been chased up a tree by Maks the dog...

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