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onsdag 10. juni 2009

Isak Taiganov

Isak Taiganov with his new "Big Brother", Fløffy (housecat/persian-mix).
I guess we all were a bit curious on how Fløffy would welcome Isak, since he is now a grown man, used to having the house and the family to himself. But they are already eating and playing togheter, and I have also been told they are washing each other too <3

3 kommentarer:

Lise sa...

Så fint at Isak har blitt tatt godt i mot av sin nye kattevenn!

Ororina sa...

Skal se gamlefar syns det er tøft å få en kompis ;)

Amantes Siberian Cats sa...

So nice to see Isak in his new hoem with his new furry friend!