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onsdag 17. juni 2009

No news

There are not so many news and updates now when Isak has left and my furry frinds are outside most of the day. We are looking forward to the two next shows now, the first is in one and a half week, and the next in two and a half weeks. Then a little pause until late august when we will go to sweden.

Actually the show in Tromsø will be quite exciting in many ways. A friend of mine from av Jamas cattery is coming from Oslo on wednesday before the show and we will go to Tromsø together. Unni is going to show a devon rex youngster (photo below) called Roxie. In 6 shows Roxie has three BIS, and three NOM where she "lost" the BIS by one vote each time. Now we are hoping for some good results in Tromsø ;0)
In Tromsø we will meet some fins coming all the way from Finland to show their two SIB-males. One neuter and one fertile. They will come to visit on the way home. Just to talk some SIB, and to see my cats too. I don't know them, but it's always nice to meet new SIB-enthusiasts ;0)

And the third reason I'm looking so much forward to this show is one of my best friends is coming with me and we are bringing our girls too. She has a birman cat (from my breeding), but this cat has way too much white, so it can't be shown at all. She only goes to Tromsø so we can have a nice weekend trip togheter and have fun :0)
My daughter also loves to be at cat-shows, but I don't take her as often as she wants. This time she will show her own cat and Isak. She can hardly wait!!

The cats are mostly outside, if it's raining to heavily I will let them in. They are also spending the nights indoors. They love to be "outdoor cats", and beg to be let out in the mornings. Hopefully their outdoor life will work wonders on their coat quality. Some photos:

Taiga is sunbathing wearing his tiny "shorts". I sometimes call him a sphynx-wannabe ;0)

Summer is hiding her beauty at the moment, but I know it's there - somewhere ;0)What is this you ask? Actually it's raw meat I'm feeding my dog, but the cats get a bite now and then also. It's very protein-rich and good for gaining weight. Bagheera loves it, but she is not the one needing to gain weight...
Bagheera is looking quite nice at the moment. She is medium in size, but very compact. I was so pleased with her coat quality, but then I gave her a bath... Now it is too soft again.She carries her ears too high still, but she is a young girl and has time to develope a lot.I love her soft profile and rounded forehead.

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