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mandag 29. juni 2009

FIN*Amante's Latin Lover

WOW he's gorgeous!!! - I have made a proposal to latin lover from Summer. And we are planning a mating in the future..!!


I was stuarting for Raymond on sunday and he deserves his own post. He is very photogenic and is flirting as much with the cam as with his cats and exhibitors...
here he is with (N)Nordic Lynx American Dream, MCO. He was BIS on saturday. His brother was BIS on sunday and best MCO total in the MCO special on Saturday. His full brother from another litter was also NOM on saturday. Many congrat's to breeder Britt Jarling (N)Nordic Lynx!!

Here is Raymond and (N)Fargo's True Romance, DRX b. Elvis was BIS 3-6 both days. Many congrats to my good friend Synnøve Larsen, (N)Fargo's!!

Show - Gisund Catclub, Finnsnes

This is where we stayed, and Maks has already learned some new tricks....

Here's (N)Snurriart's Pet MCO. The signs sais "dangerous cat"

This is where we stayed this weeken. Such luxus!! Maks is sleeping on his mattrass on the floor, and Summer on the sofa


This is Li and her brit Kingsley, From undomiel cattery (HÅLKA)

Undomiel Ymer beeing judged (HÅLKA)

(N)Undomiel neute male (HÅLKA)

(N)Fargo's True Romance, BIS both days3-6 both days. Here flirting with Yan R. F. (HÅLKA)

Lillian and her osh (HÅLKA)

Sonja and her 8 year old SIA (HÅLKA)

(N)Fargo's True Romance, BIS 3-6 both days (HÅLKA)

S*Nikopeijas's Orianna, NOM on saturday
Susanne and Sonja with their sib's. Class competators (I lost the bet...)

(N)Nordic Lynx American Dream. NOM both days and BIS on saturday (HÅLKA)

(N)Nordic Lynx American Dream ringside... (HÅLKA).

Raymond and (N)HeLo's Farm Future Rose, MCO (HÅLKA)
Berit, and (N)Yowie's PS: I love you, MCO (HÅLKA)

May-Gunn and family ringside (HÅLKA)
May-Gunns' new little girl and Raymond (HÅLKA)
Gunn-Tove with Qimat Diamant van Antouch

Reidun and her BRI-male neuter (HÅLKA)

Raymond judging

Raymond and S*Nikopeija's Orianna (SIB)

(N)Nordic Lynx American Dream, NOM both days and BIS on saturday,

3-6 months at Raymonds ring. A rag from (N)Azzi's breeding and a mco from (N)Yowie's breeding (both HÅLKA)
May-Gunns NFO is being jdged by Raymond (HÅLKA)

Helga and (N)HeLo's Farm Future Rose, (HÅLKA)

Kristianne Balmer with (N)Azzi's cat... (HÅLKA)

Helga and (N)HeLo's Farm Future Rose (HÅLKA)

(N)HeLo's Farm Future Rose is nominated!!!
I'm so happy, thank you Raymond!!

May-Gunn and her black NFO (HÅLKA)

Julie and one of her TUA (HÅLKA)

Susanne and S*Nikopeija's Orianna

Susanne and S*Nokopeija's Orianna
CH (N)CarilloCat's Lucky Day

(N)Undomiel cats (HÅLKA)

tirsdag 23. juni 2009

Our neighbour

Maks is fine with our cats, but cats outside are lunch in his opinion. Actually when it comes to unnutered toms I'm fine with him chasing them off our property... This cat however is not a tom, she is a neuter female and is living downstairs at the moment.

She is a "real" housecat, and it always makes me happy to see this kind of "natural" cats. I always get so sad when housecat/purebreed cats win the houscat-class at shows. I think true housecats are priceless, and one should not encourage mixing breeds...

This beauty was picked up by the animal rescue and was given a new home. She has a black girlfriend too, but sometimes they get curious about my cats and wants to visit. Here she has been chased up a tree by Maks the dog...

mandag 22. juni 2009

A bright idèa

I don't know why I didn't think about this to start with, but suddently it hit me, if I moved the cat yard and made a hole in the wall, the cats can go in and out as they want. Taiga has his home in the bathroom, and it would be so nice for him to get more space and freedom. So I did, and my genious plan works wonders. Ok, I cut myself on the saw, and my finger hurts at the moment, but what don't you do for your cats?

Here's a photo from inside the cage

Taiga is really proud, he told me I did a good job
Here's Taiga on his way into our bathroom. He loves to be able to go in and out as he pleases.