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søndag 18. januar 2009

11 weeks

Sadly the little girl with allergies had a bad reaction to our cats today. They came by and got to take two of our cats out in their car for a few minutes. Then they had to deal with only cat allergenes for their 5 hour long drive home. After a couple of hours, they rang me up and said it was not possible for them to adopt little tiger. Well, at least they know now, she got her reaction later than usual, but that doesn't help much. Hopefully Tiger can make some other family happy :0)

Ramp is so handsome


Mummy has bitten of all of Tigers whiskers

Rustique is hunting my fingers...

Rustique has the longest ear tufts of all the kittens, and is looking like a bobcat

Boheme, a real beauty!!

Ramp, Blå Rock and Rustique is posing toghether

Kaos, black with a little white spot

Blå Rock, so tired

And cute

All kittens togheter

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