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fredag 16. januar 2009

Training kittens

Last night a friend and her daughter came to visit us, and they are staying for a few days. The kids are allowed to cuddle and play with the kittens as much as possible, because I think this is good training and sosialization for the kittens. As long as the kids behave and respect the toddlers of course.

My friends little girl was in heaven, and has had different kittens in her lap all the time she has been here. Tomorrow we will have a party, and have invited 10 little girls over. Hopefully the kittens will cope fine with all the attention, and sleep very well after all the girls have left.

Here's Rustique enjoying some TLC

My friend with her daughter and mine. The children are cuddling Blå Rock and Kaos

Summer on top of the dog cage with a few of her little friens

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