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onsdag 21. januar 2009

Aditional names

I have tried to come up with some aditional names for the kittens to somehow name them after their father. I have been thinking Taiga, Rex, King/Queen, Royal and other names inspired by the fathers name Amante's King of Taiga. But it never felt right, and I was very irritated by this and spendt a lot of time trying different combinations.
Then I got an SMS from Boheme and Rustiques' new owner (yes they are lucky enough to get to move toghether!), and she asked if she could give them a different daily-name. Due to Bissans heart condition, she wanted to give them a name meaning health and strength, and I was instantly in tears. It was a BEAUTIFUL idèa, and I then new this litter is not going to be named from their fater, but getting names for health and strength.

After giving it some thought she came up with Salvina and Salvia, and since the meaning of Salvia stems from the Latin word salvere ("to save") i wanted to use this on all the kittens.
Salvia is a geneus of plants, and all exept Boheme are now named after different salvia plants. Salvina is different, but got a name that is very suitable too I think.

(N)Solstorm's La Boheme Salvina vitale
(N)Solstorm's Rustique Salvia elegans
(N)Solstorm's Blå Rock Salvia azurea
(N)Solstorm's Ramp Salvia przewalskii
(N)Solstorm's Kaos Salvia Vaseyi
(N)Solstorm's Tiger Salvia Wardii

3 kommentarer:

Ororina sa...

Rørende og vakkert :-)

S*Ja Znaju, Scrappar Liv sa...

Hva du kan , nydelige navn.

eva sa...

kjempefine navn på nydelige kattunger , blir sikkert friske og fine hele gjengen.:)